Best products to fight the lockdown blues

The current Covid- lockdown is challenging for all of us.

We might have been more optimistic during the first lockdown; we survived the second one as well. However, when the third lockdown was announced in the UK — without an end date insight — a lot of us struggled.

We managed to live with Covid and restrictions during the summer months- at least we had time to enjoy the short British summer. We did spend time outside and went for long walks.

Nevertheless, winter in the UK had always been challenging for our…

Best book to help you through challenging times

The current state of our world has a great impact on our lives.

We live in a state of uncertainty where nothing is predictable.

Our well-structured plans for the future are nothing more than ideas from the past.

We find ourselves in a world which has changed and every one of us tries to overcome their own challenges. We might have lost someone we loved, we have lost our job and ahead of nothing but uncertainty.

Luckily, there are several books which can help us through these challenging times.

A lot of…

How urban environments affect your physical and mental health

For most of my life, I lived with my family in an isolated mountain village on the border of Switzerland.

I did grow up surrounded by mountains, happy cows and a lot of nature. We lived in an old house and I loved the smell of our old wooden furniture.

In the morning, I woke up with the first sunlight, and at night I could not stop glaring at the fascinating night sky.

When I was in my twenties, I lost the ability to appreciate this little piece of paradise. …

Start trading without risking your savings

As the Covid pandemic swept across the world, a lot of us found themselves in an unexpected financial crisis.
Unsurprisingly, the millennial generation suffered the most.
A generation which never had it easy- long gone the days when their parents and grandparents were proud home owners by the age of 21, earning a good salary with a permanent contract in a thriving economy.

For most people born between 1977 and 1995, owning a home, having a family or even just renting their own flat seems impossible. The millennial generation stepped into a system with…

The invisible part of the spectrum

Every autistic person receives the same diagnosis: Autism spectrum disorder. The ‘’ symptoms’’ of autism can vary from person to person. Autistic people can be moderate autistic others are high on the spectrum, and autism affects every area of their lives. Over the last years, several campaigns tried to educate the public about the different symptoms of autism and raised awareness about a condition which affects millions of people worldwide. Yes, it affects millions of ‘’people’’. People, human beings no matter what gender they have.

As an autistic woman myself, I still look with disbelief at our society and wonder…

How the UK’s justice system fails victims

Most people in the UK might live under the impression that England has, compared to other countries, a good justice system.

Understandably, considering the fact that we mostly hear about solved crimes and successful convictions — which organisation wants to make headlines with their shortcomings. Unless you are a victim yourself, you probably have no idea how traumatising the justice system is for victims.

When we talk about the justice system, we do not mean the court on its own.

The traumatising process begins already shortly after the crime has occurred -when the…

Have you ever wondered why something seems missing in your relationship?

You see all the other couples on social media posting romantic pictures, getting married, but no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work in your relationship?

You read all the healthy relationship advises to talk about problems, but every conversation ends with silence? The harder you try, the more it fails?

In that case, it could be that you are dealing with a dismissive-avoidant (DA) partner.

Dismissive- avoidant partners have high self-esteem and tend to look down to others. The behaviour pattern of dismissive-avoidant usually emerges in…

‘’ You are the angriest person I’ve ever met ‘’.

I’ve heard these words hundreds of times before since I was a child, but they still hurt as if it would be the first time. Over and over again, it pains me to hear this sentence. It hurts because it makes me realise that I failed again to show the emotion I feel underneath in an appropriate way, and after all, I am not angry, I am afraid.

For a very long time, I believed I have anger issues. …

The misconception of fear and anger in autistic children

Whenever I hear other people talking about their childhood, I listen to them talking about mostly happy memories, how they played outside in the summer, the visits at their grandparents or the trip to Disneyland.

When people ask me about my childhood, the first thing which comes to my mind is: Fear.

I remember being afraid nearly every day of my life.

Every time I tell people about my fearful childhood, others quickly share their own experience with fear. …


I am a passionate, autistic writer based in London. My articles cover psychology/ mental health, justice, feminism and philosophy.

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